Warhead Quad

Warhead Quad

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We are excited to offer our Winter Warmer Gift Set which is sure to put a warm smile on the face of whoever is lucky enough to receive this as a present.

A perfect gift for any chilli lover!

Our gift set consists of four 44ml taster jars filled with a variety of chilli products which will definitely move those winter chills! What’s in the box?

Warhead 66.
Of course! We had to put a jar of our signature sauce in! Smoked onion based super-hot sauce. Packed with flavour, packed with heat!!
Red Arse.
The new guy! Not for the chilli novice, this little jar is full to the brim of pure Scotch Bonnet puree. Very very hot so use sparingly!
Late Start.
A festive treat for those who like a little bit of Christmas cheer in their life. We’ve mixed the best super-hot chillies with the nations favourite tiple!! We think this is an absolute taste sensation. Not too hot so can be enjoyed by all!
Chilli Salt.
For those that just like a hint of heat in their meal this is a great way to lightly spice and season any meal. One for everyone.

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We are a veteran owned brand, we love what we do and always stand by our brands. We hand pick the brands we represent from both the United States and the United Kingdom.

We wear the brands ourselves, each having their own back story and repesenting the ethics we maintain here at HR4K

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