Teddy Bear Night Night

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Sleep is without a doubt the most important aspect of your recovery, and scienticians believe it is necessary for #Gainz. Almost everyone has issues with getting enough quality sleep, whether they're on a gun slinging deployment or riding a desk on a daily basis. The SOFLETE HQ crew formulated Teddy Bear Night Night, a night time recovery and sleep aid formula to help put you down hard and aid in workout recovery throughout the night. With 1g HMB, 1g Glycine, and 3.5mg of Melatonin you’ll be out shortly after your head hits the pillow, and 18g of Casein protein will keep your night time regeneration on point while you rest. *TBNN puts you down harder than a United Passenger, so don't operate heavy machinery or drive after taking it. #yourmeatbatisntHeavyMachinery

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