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These legendary silky sweets are everything!

Silk Running Shorts

These silkies by Zero Foxtrot are derived from the original SOFFE shorts - the Ranger Panty is a favorite of the United States Military. Made of 100% lightweight nylon tricot, these Daisy Dukes Of Freedom will neither snag nor run. They’re comfortable, versatile, and durable, making them a core basic for physical training, hardcore workouts, and super soft lounge wear. 

Internal liner brief for both comfort and security
Inside key pocket for both security and convenience
Covered elastic waistband for both convenience and comfort

Silky Sizing

These babies are meant to be snug…

S 28" and down
M 30-31"
L 32-33"
XL 34-36"
2XL 38-40"

The inseam is 2 - 2¼” on all sizes.

Silky Returns

Due to the nature of this product, we cannot and will not accept returns or exchanges if opened. Because it’s gross.

Why we work with Zero Foxtrot

Zero Foxtrot is a U.S. Marine Veteran founded and operated business. Their experiences on the battlefield are reflected in their product choice, and echo HR4K’s ethos regarding community,  contribution, and commitment.

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