Op Nimrod

Op Nimrod

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HR4K Morale Patch: Operation Nimrod

Dirt naps and brand patch!

A symbol of HR4K's origins, this morale patch is inspired by the events of 1980 that put the SAS on the world stage. The techniques employed by Operation Nimrod have been mirrored by other special forces and counter-terrorism units globally, and our Nimrod Sticker celebrates the deadly efficiency with which the Special Air Forces responded at that time.

Dimensions: 8cm x 5cm
Colours: Red on Black

Marking the Iranian Embassy Siege

When six Iranian gunmen overpowered PC Trevor Lock of the diplomatic protection squad at the Iranian Embassy and took 26 hostages, police cordoned off the area and took up sniper positions. The SAS Counter-Terrorism team was put on high alert at their base in Hereford, first formulating an IA plan, and then a more detailed assault plan based on the Embassy building's blueprints. Multiple assault teams would simultaneously enter the building on all floors:

  • One team would enter via the roof with a large explosive device
  • Others would abseil down and enter through the 2nd and 1st floor rear balconies
  • A second team would blow in the first floor windows and enter via the front balcony
  • A further team would clear the ground floor by blowing the rear patio door
  • Another ground floor team would move to clear the basement rooms


Before all the teams were in position, the mission was compromised when one of the troopers accidentally put his boot through a window. The explosives were detonated and the teams rushed in. After the hostages were secured, and the terrorists were overcome, the SAS had been thrust into the public view. and international terrorism understood that any operation against British interests meant the UK would respond with deadly efficiency.

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