Strength & Stamina Coffee

Strength & Stamina Coffee

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SOFLETE picked up the red phone and called our Green Beret buddies over at Black Rifle Coffee and together we developed Fit to Fight. This is a light to medium roast, that kicks you in the face first thing in the morning.  Roll out the rack and crush a cup of Fit to Fight before you crush yourself.

Tasting notes: Freshly ground souls, unicorn horn, enemy’s tears, with hints of gunpowder and chalk. Or dark, chocolatey and taste like freedom. A blend of Colombian and Brazilian Arabica.  

Why choose us?

Veteran Owned

We are a veteran owned brand, we love what we do and always stand by our brands. We hand pick the brands we represent from both the United States and the United Kingdom.

We wear the brands ourselves, each having their own back story and repesenting the ethics we maintain here at HR4K

Small Business Britain

We pride ourselves on our actions. We have built HR4K from nothing into a community. Not only veterans but for like minded souls who stand by the decisions they make on a daily basis.

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