Woobie - Poncho liner

Woobie - Poncho liner

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Woobie blanket

The special forces troops in Vietnam in the 60s were the first to replace the standard issue army wool blanket - obviously fairly useless in the wet, tropical environment of Vietnam and make use of the far more suitable and convenient woobie. Word spread and adoption grew.

Today, troops deployed in the field use the woobie in place of blankets, tent dividers, or sleeping bags.

A testimonial from Ben, HR4K Director:

"The humble Poncho liner is an essential bit of kit for those who like to travel light. The poncho liner has been my best friend, offering the perfect level of warmth and comfort in both the jungle and temperate environments. Even now after leaving Special Forces, the trusted Poncho liner is still an essential bit of kit for me and my family, whether that’s for camping trips, kids garden parties or the family car safety kit."

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