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FOB Locker 10 Foot

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The fob 10’ locker is a world class multi-modal training solution. It has undergone jadteu nato certification meaning that the locker is truly deployable with official air portability status. The container is externally fabricated to anchor the beaverfit training rig and internally customised for transportability anywhere in the world. The locker provides a training centre for up to 40-50 tactical athletes.

 Forward operating base (fob) lockers are standard shipping containers custom fabricated to anchor beaverfit training rigs and store the equipment necessary to create world class multi-modality training centers.  The lockers can be customised to meet your training needs are are available in 4 standard sizes and 3 configurations with either a light. Standard or heavy accessory package.


  • 5' - ideal for training 20-30 people
  • 10' - ideal for training 40-50 people
  • 20' - ideal for training 80-100 people
  • 40' - ideal for training 100-150 people


  • Gym fob (sport) - internal storage for training accessories
  • Fob (deployable) - internal storage for training accessories and training rigs (certified to be transported via air, land and sea).
  • Fob mobile - internal storage for training accessories, training rigs and mounted on a custom fabricated trailer to create the ultimate portable training solution.

Beaverfit fob locker are used extensively by military forces worldwide, fortune 500 corporations, crossfit boxes and world class human performance training centres. Beaverfit lockers expand the footprint and effectiveness of training facilities, create outdoor training options and provide fully deployable solution to enable training in locations never before possible.