HR4K Hereford

Come visit us at our Hereford location

HR4K Hereford
Unit 12A Thorn Business Park

An upgrade from our humble beginnings at the garage where it all started in 2016, our new digs showcase how the ethos of our brand has been forged by the SAS tenets.

Inside our store - where we stock icy-cool brands like 30 Seconds Out, Rogue American Apparel, Sin Eaters Guild, and of course our own swag - we've space to grab a brew, chill out, and shoot the shit. An open fire in the winter, and open air in the summer, it's become a place where grafters come to unwind, and rascals come to live it up.

The Coffee Shop in our Hereford Store

We proudly serve our own blend of coffee. Our Dark Roast has a bold, lightly spiced aroma, is rich and heavy in body, and deep and dark in chocolatey, woody flavours. Order your coffees to match our humour and knock back an espresso, savour a long black, or sip an americano. If you prefer your brew with the white stuff, order your lattes, your flat whites, or your cappuccinos with whole milk, specialist milk, or flavoured syrups. We have tea too, but coffee's cooler.

Stocked on our shelves for you to enjoy at home, we've got Contact Coffee Company's beans and grounds by the bag, plus we sell the pods too. We're also proud sellers of the much-coveted Black Rifle Coffee from the US. No need to order online, no need to pay import fees, no need to put up with delays at customs. We deal with all that crap.

Opening Hours

Open 10:00 - 1400 Mondays to Fridays

HR4K Hereford's Parties

We work to support our community by collaborating with local businesses, organisations, and charities. As well as helping our veteran friends in adjusting to life beyond the military, we host podcasts, open mic nights, bike meets, and more. Motorcycles, tattoos, barbecue, and music - we're known for a wild time outside of office hours.

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HR4K Hereford's Location