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Woobie Jacket

Woobie Jacket

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The U.S. military poncho liner

Anyone can be cold and admin's not a dirty word

Issued to deployed troops, the woobie helps the wearer keep warm in the field when the climate's cooler. Lightweight, heat retaining, water-resistant, and quick-drying, it's no wonder this bit of kit is regarded as the greatest military invention ever fielded.

The Woobie Do

The special forces troops in Vietnam in the 60s were the first to replace the standard issue army wool blanket - obviously fairly useless in the wet, tropical environment of Vietnam - and make use of the far more suitable and convenient woobie. Word spread and adoption grew.

Today, troops deployed in the field use the woobie in place of blankets, tent dividers, or sleeping bags. And Vets talk about how useful they are as baby blankets, dog beds, hammock blankets, smoking jackets, robes... and jackets.

Woobie Hoodie 

Made from the same trusted poncho liner fabric as the infamous infanteers' best friend, our woobie hoodies make the perfect post workout warm kit, or just a decent cutting about jacket.

Great for hunting, fishing, camping, outdoor events, and heading out to meet the takeaway delivery driver, you won't believe how warm this thing keeps you.

  • Multi Camo Black
  • Made from nylon and polyester
  • Don't wash in bleach
  • Don't dry clean
  • Do wash by hand
  • Do hang dry
  • Keep away from naked flames


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